The Housing Authority of the County of Santa Cruz (“HACSC”) is publishing this request for proposals (RFP) to provide interested parties with the opportunity to request Project Based Vouchers. This RFP is open until closed. This is only published on the HACSC website. HACSC’s primary purpose is to promote the development of additional affordable housing. HACSC’s secondary interest is to support existing affordable housing that is at-risk of losing its affordability or needs significant rehabilitation.

Scoring Criteria

HACSC will consider the following criteria. The scoring criteria include 100 base points. Extra bonus points are possible. A minimum score for PBV consideration is 75 points.

Please provide a narrative response clearly addressing each of the scoring criteria listed below.

  1. The extent to which the proposal would either create new affordable housing opportunities where no such affordable housing currently exists (25 points), or would retain currently affordable housing that was at imminent risk of losing its affordability requirements (15 points), or would result in substantial improvements to existing housing (10 points).
  2. The extent to which the project-based units would create new housing opportunities available to top applicants on the Housing Choice Voucher waiting list (20 points).
  3. The extent to which the project based units would create or retain housing opportunities designated for hard to house populations, such as homeless veterans, persons with disabilities, homeless youth, homeless families with minor children,  seniors  or other special populations through restrictions based on funding source, or through special voucher types or preferences established by the property owner, and the extent to which services for these special populations are provided on site or in the immediate area for occupants of the property.   (10 points, plus 10 additional bonus points for proposals including 5 or more units dedicated to formerly homeless veterans through the VASH program.)   The owner / property manager may apply additional eligibility and screening criteria, as required by funding sources; such screening criteria must comply with HUD regulations and fair housing law, and are subject to Housing Authority review and approval.
  4. The extent to which project-basing the units would further the goal of de-concentrating poverty and expanding housing opportunities for lower income households.  Project-basing assistance for housing must be consistent with the goal of deconcentrating poverty and expanding housing and economic opportunities. Include copies of census data. When determining the extent to which a proposed PBV development site meets this standard the HACSC will consider the proposal’s facts on the census tract:
  • Whether it is undergoing significant revitalization
  • Whether it had state, local or federal dollars invested that has assisted in the achievement of deconcentrating poverty and expanding opportunity
  • Whether new market rate units are being developed and the likelihood that such market rate units will positively impact the poverty rate
  • If the poverty rate is greater than 20%, whether there has been an overall decline in the poverty rate in the past five years
  • Whether there is meaningful opportunity for education and economic advancement. Include the percentages of poverty in the census tract, city, and county. (5 points)
  1. The extent to which project-basing the units would support or complement other local activities (such as the HOME program, CDBG activities, etc.) (5 points)
  2. Site location. (10 points)
  3. Management and owner experience (10 points)
  4. Design and amenities (5 points)
  5. Project feasibility and readiness (10 points)

Additional Information Requested

If the proposal is for existing units, include information regarding whether there is already a waiting list; and if so, how many names are on it and how many units turn over in a year.

  • If the proposal is for existing units that are occupied, include current tenant’s annual income and monthly rent for each existing unit, as well as their projected rent in the project-based voucher program.
  • For rehabilitation of existing properties, provide financials including an income/expense analysis that shows the current shortfall for rehabilitation and how the project basing will be sufficient to fund the rehabilitation (and other financial sources as applicable).

Proposals may be submitted at any time.  All proposals will be scored according to the criteria listed above. While the Housing Authority will consider applications for PBV on an ongoing basis, there is no guarantee that any proposal will be selected as a result of the RFP.  The Housing Authority reserves the right to change scoring criteria and issue a new RFP at any time.  Conditional award of project-based vouchers will be subject to availability of funding.

Before officially selecting any project based voucher proposal, the HACSC will determine that the proposal complies with HUD program regulations and requirements, including a determination that the property is eligible for project based vouchers, that the proposal complies with the cap on the percentage or number of project based units per project, and that the proposal meets HUD’s site selection standards.

HACSC may apply an administrative fee to any approved project. The administrative fee should cover costs including marketing/outreach, the establishment of a site based waiting lists (if absolutely necessary), as well as other administrative costs over the normal eligibility processes for Section 8 HCV, for example, if existing tenants don’t qualify to accept PBVs, and additional prospective tenants have to have eligibility processed to reach the number of units proposed to be project-based.

Outcome and Notification

HACSC will notify all parties in writing within two months of proposal submission.  When a proposal is selected, the Housing Authority will post this on the Housing Authority website in the next update of the Administrative Plan. The Housing Authority will make documentation available regarding the basis for the selection of any project-based voucher proposal to any interested persons.

For additional information, please contact the Property Management Department at (831) 454-9455 Ext 223.