The Housing Authority’s Agency Plan is a five-year plan that outlines policies and programs the Housing Authority currently has in effect to address housing needs. It basically allows the public to see in one place exactly what the policies are and to look up policy and program information in areas of specific interest. Development of the plan was required under the Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act, the first major housing legislation passed by Congress in the last five years .

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County of Santa Cruz 2024 Agency Plan Documents

Santa Cruz Agency 5-Year Plan

Santa Cruz Agency Annual Plan (2024)

Santa Cruz Agency Annual Plan (Approved 2023)

Section 8 Administrative Plan (April 2024)

Plan Element 1 – Eligibility, Selection and Admission, including Deconcentration and Wait List Procedures.

Plan Element 2 – Financial Resources

Plan Element 3 – Rent Determination

Plan Element 4 – Operation and Management

Plan Element 5 – Grievance Procedures

Plan Element 6 – Designated Housing for Elderly and Disabled Families

Plan Element 7 – Community Service and Self-Sufficiency

Plan Element 8 – Safety and Crime Prevention

Plan Element 9 – Pets

Plan Element 10 – Civil Rights Certification

Plan Element 11 – Financial Statements and Fiscal Year Audit

Plan Element 12 – Asset Management

Plan Element 13 – Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Section 8 Administrative Plan – Addendum – Code of Conduct

Moving To Work Supplement Annual Submission for PHA FY Beginning 07.01.2024 (Draft)

Amended Moving to Work Supplement for PHA FY Beginning 07.01.2023 – Revised 08.16.2023

Forms are provided for download in PDF format on the Internet. PDF is a standard file format. Free PDF file Acrobat software is available to read these files from Adobe. If you are unable to download or to use this reader, please visit our office to obtain paper copies of the forms. For application forms for other programs please call our office.

The Housing Authority of the County of Santa Cruz is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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