The Housing Authority works closely with a number of agencies and groups to collaborate on housing solutions for our community. Some of those groups include:

Santa Cruz County Continuum of Care Working Group: This is a broad-based group of housing and shelter providers who work together to prioritize upcoming projects and submit a coordinated Continuum of Care application to HUD.

Affordable Housing Committee of the City of Scotts Valley: The Housing Authority acts as a housing consultant to the City of Scotts Valley, and works with the City to address a variety of affordable housing needs. Because Scotts Valley is geographically closest to the booming housing market of Silicon Valley, first time homebuyer and other affordable housing programs are particularly important.

United Way Community Assessment Steering Committee: The Housing Authority participates in the steering committee of the United Way’s Community Assessment process, providing input from a housing perspective on community needs, and helping to prioritize and direct local funding.

Children’s Network Cabinet: The Housing Authority is a member of the Children’s Network Cabinet, a group of twenty-four multi-sector representatives under the authority of the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors. The mission of the Children’s Network is to improve opportunities for young people and their families by encouraging the development of a comprehensive and collaborative delivery system of services to children and youth.

Workforce Investment Board Youth Council: The Housing Authority is a member of the Workforce Investment Board’s Youth Council. The WIB brings together business and education communities, local government, and residents to identify emerging local and regional workforce issues and create practical solutions, keep its fingers on the pulse of changes in local occupations, set policy for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) services, and provide resources to implement new employment services envisioned in the federal Workforce Investment Act.

Local jurisdictions: The Housing Authority administers various programs on behalf of local government and acts in an advisory capacity during housing-related planning processes.

Local non-profits and community groups serving special needs populations. The Housing Authority works with a number of community groups, including Pajaro Valley Shelter Services, Families in Transition, Housing Choices Coalition, Central Coast Center for Independent Living, Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center, and more.

For more information about community resources, see our Links page.

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