“When I Grow Up I Want to Be…”

We believe children and youth with stable housing have better access to safe housing and stronger connections to their schools, which leads to better futures. The Housing Authority wants to display children and youth poster art in the office lobby. The theme is: “When I grow up I want to become…”

Participation is open to all children and youth (under age 18)

Young artists may use watercolor, oil or acrylic paint, pen and ink, pastel, pencil/graphite, marker, crayon, or collage; please consider that posters will need to be copied, as well as displayed in a glass wall case.

Size: cannot be smaller than 8″ x 10″ or larger than 18″ x 24″

Use the downloadable application and permission form. List the child or youth’s name and the grade level they will enter in the fall. Please write the career they want (doctors, dog breeders, pilots, farmers, artists, whatever they are dreaming of becoming). Sign the permission that allows the Housing Authority to display, copy and keep the poster art. Tape the form to the back of the poster.

Posters can be mailed or dropped off during business hours to the Housing Authority from June 18 through August 3, 2017.

The Housing Authority will not be able to return any of the posters.

The Housing Authority will award four prizes, one for each school-age group, in the late August 2017. The four winners will receive a $50 gift card or a gift basket from a local art or student supply store and a framed copy of their poster!

Questions: Please call Lorena at (831) 454-9455, ext. 280 or Tina at ext. 209.