The Housing Authority Assists People Acquire Low Cost Internet at Home

The Housing Authority wants to help bridge the digital divide for our participants and the whole community. Soon we will be mailing internet access information to all our participants receiving rental assistance. This information is from both AT&T and Comcast internet service providers. Both have special programs for connecting low-income households to the internet for a low monthly fee. AT&T and Comcast have slightly different ways of qualifying homes for the low cost internet service. AT&T qualifies homes with at least one person receiving CalFresh or SSI benefits. Comcast qualifies homes with persons receiving rental assistance through HUD/the Housing Authority. AT&T’s offer is $10 a month and Comcast’s is $9.95. Both companies prefer people apply online. Here are the company’s websites:

If you need more information or help please contact the company directly:

  • Comcast – Xfinity:1-(855)-847-3356
  • AT&T: English 1-(855)-220-5211 or Spanish 1-(855)-220-5225